Types Of Fasteners And Uses

Posted by Admin on October, 04, 2012

Fasteners are the devices that are used to join two objects together. Fasteners are commonly used for the production of Automobiles, aircrafts, appliances, industrial machinery, building construction, interior designing, etc. Whether we talk about the household appliances or high-tech gadgets, the common entity in them is the fasteners. Everything we use in our day to day life is held in place through these fasteners. From the Automobile industry to the mobile industry uses fasteners in large quantity. Some of the most commonly used Fasteners are as follows:

Bolts: Bolts are the fasteners that are usually used in conjunction with nuts. These are inserted into the hole of the nut and tightened by rotating the nuts. These can easily be dismantled without any damage, therefore are widely used for many purposes. Bolts are very robust and are used in numerous industries like Aerospace. Thousands of bolts are used to join the various components of an airplane.

Nuts: A nut is always used with a bolt. Nuts are usually made of metal and have a hexagonal structure with a hole in the center. The hole has internal threads that fit in the threads of the bolt. Sometimes two nuts are used to prevent loosening of the bolt.

Nails: Nails are the most commonly used Fasteners. These are widely used for construction purposes. All the woodwork is completed using these nails. The shaft of the nail is smooth and not threaded like screw. They can be inserted into the material by using force like hammer.

Screws: Screws have greater strength to hold and easy to remove than nails. Screws have threads that cut a helical trench into the softer material when the screw is inserted into the object. Screws are used to hold the objects together. A screw driver is used to insert the screw into the material.

Pin Fasteners: Pins are used to fasten structural components of machines or to bring them into line. One side of the pin is pointed and on the other side is the blunt head of the pin.

The quality of all fasteners depends on the material being used and the Form Tools used in making them. To Buy Fastener Tools with good quality, the best option is to search online and contact Manufacturers like Getcuttigtools (http://www.getcuttingtools.co.in). It is a 10 year old Fastener Tools Manufacturer that offers a range comprising Wire Guide Dies, Bottom Dies, Cold Heading Dies, Forming Punches, Cold Forming Dies, Trimming Dies, Hex Forming Punches, Button Head Punches and Torx Punches for manufacturing fasteners.

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