Diamond Powder And Dresser-Different Interesting Forms Of Diamond

Posted by Admin on October, 04, 2012

Diamond Dresser is a tool which is used for dressing of grinding wheel surface. A Diamond Dresser comprises of single or multiple diamonds mounted on it shrank. Mounting is done with the help of sintering process. Dressing of grinding wheel surface is necessary so as to maintain the grinding performance of the wheel and work finish.

There are various Diamond Dressers which are categorized on the basis of diamond used:

  • Single Point Dresser: Single Point Dresser is used to dress the grind wheel surface. There are certain things which are considered while using Single Point Dresser such as angle of attachment of dresser, depth of cut, plane grinding, peripheral speed, type of grinding wheel and face finish.
  • Forming Dresser: In order to keep the corners of diamonds away from grinding wheel, the wedge shape of Forming Dresser ranges from 55 to 70 degree. The roof width ranges from 1.5 to 3 mm. The dimensions account for strong blade. The point of blade has the radius of 0.2 mm which makes it sharper. The negative angle of blade makes it stronger.
  • Multi Point Dresser: Multi Point Dresser makes use of a number of uniform diamonds. The size of these diamonds depends on the size of grinding wheel. Large grinding wheel requires large diamonds. There are few things that need to be considered while deciding upon metal used for holding diamond. Metal should be in accordance with mechanical strength and heat expansion co-efficient of Diamond Dresser.
  • Impregnated Dresser: In Impregnated Dresser, diamond powder is bonded in a soft metal thus it is known as soft bond Impregnated Dresser. This dresser can easily adjust grinding wheels having sharp edges. In hard bond Impregnated Dresser, diamond powder is spread throughout hard alloy. This dresser is best suited for large-size grinding wheels.

Diamond is also used in powder form. Diamond Powder is used to impart shimmering effect to various objects. But these objects should have the level of surface tolerance which is confined to few microns only. Diamond Powder is widely used to provide great surface finish. The Diamond Powder exists in various grades, coatings and particle shapes. Diamond Powder is used in various grinding and polishing applications.

The particles of micron Diamond Powder are in the shape of fine blocks. This shape accounts for sharp cutting features. It is also responsible for uniform size and constant stock removal rate. Thus, Diamond Powder and Diamond Dresser can be used in dressing and truing processes effectively. The thing that makes both of them highly valuable and effective is the diamond embedded in them. It’s the cutting property of diamond which makes it ideal to be used in Diamond Dressers.

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