An Overview Of Drill Bits

Posted by Admin on December, 15, 2014

The use of drill bits is employed for making holes in various types of materials. These cutting tools are used for making circular cross-section holes in the material. Though, specialised bits can also be procured to create non-cylindrical-shaped holes. The drills hold the bits and rotate them and eventually give axial and torque force to make the hole.

Material Used
The various materials used for creating drill bits are soft low carbon steel, high carbon steel, high speed steel (HSS), cobalt steel alloys, tungsten carbide, and polycrystalline diamond (PCD).

Coating Used
Drill Bits can be procured in various coatings such as black oxide, titanium nitride (TiN), titanium aluminum nitride (TiAlN), titanium carbon nitride (TiCN), diamond powder and zirconium nitride.

The Characteristics of Drill Bits
  • The spiral of the drill bit is used to control chip removal rate.
  • The material that the bit will be operating in, determines the bit’s point angle.
  • The amount of support that would be provided to the cutting edge is determined by the lip angle.
  • It is the actual length of the bit that acts as a deciding factor for how deep the hole would be drilled in.

Various Types of Drill Bits
  • Universal Drill Bits: twist drill bits, step drill bits, unibit, and hole saw
  • Metal drill bits: center and spotting drill bits, core drill bit, countersink bit, ejector drill bit, gun drill bit, indexable drill bit, left-hand bit, metal spade bit, straight fluted bit, and trepan
  • Wood drill bits: lip and spur drill bits, wood spade bits, spoon bits, forstner bits, center bits, auger bits, gimlet bits, hinge sinker bits, and adjustable wood bits
  • Various other material drill bits: diamond core bits, masonry drill bits, star drill bit, glass drill bits, PCB through-hole drill bits, installer bits, fishing bit, and flexible shaft bit

Any reliable manufacturer of drill bits uses highest quality raw material that is being tested in the metallurgical laboratory to ensure the material has the desired chemical composition and physical properties.

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