All You Need To Know About Cutting Tools

Posted by Admin on October, 04, 2012

In this age of rapid industrialization, machine tools like Cutting Tools are being increasingly used in various applications in different industries. Cutting Tools play a very significant part in the manufacturing process as they define shaping and designing of any product. Generally, the material used as a cutting agent, in the cutting tool, is harder than the material to be operated upon. The Cutting Tools have a single or multi-point structure. Single-point Tools are mostly used in shaping and smoothening, while Multi-point Tools are used in grinding and drilling. Multi-point Tools are used commonly by manufacturers for cutting materials.

While Selecting Cutting Tools, You Must Have A Prior Knowledge Of The Following Points:

  • Shape of the starting part and the desired finished part shape
  • Hardness of the work piece
  • Tensile strength of the material
  • Abrasiveness of the material
  • Type of chip generated
  • Work holding setup
  • Power and speed capacity of the machine tool

Different Cutting applications require different Cutting Tool materials. The ideal cutting tool material will – be tougher than the material it is cutting, have great temperature stability, be resistant to thermal, be resistant to impact and wear shock, and have chemically inert nature (so that it does not react with the work material and the cutting fluid). Nowadays you will come across many newer cutting tool materials that have successfully overcome the deficiencies of the older cutting agents. The need for heat resistant Cutting Tools has increased rapidly resulting in a progression from high-speed steels to Carbide Cutting Tools that cut 3-5 times faster than high-speed steels.

Super-hard cutting tool material is divided into two categories: cubic boron nitride CBN and polycrystalline diamond PCD. They are costlier in comparison to Carbide Cutting Tools and therefore restricted to a few well chosen cost effective applications.

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