Carbide Cutting Tools

Posted by Admin on July, 30, 2012

Since time immemorial, humans have always been in a need of shaping and sharpening tools – earlier for hunting and, nowadays, for making components of machines. For making parts and components of varied machines, Cutting Tools are required in different sizes and shapes. Cutting Tools are certainly an important requirement of several industries. There are many types of Cutting Tools such as Slitting Cutters, CNC Cutting Tools, Mill Cutters, Side and Face Cutters. Each has its own relevance in shaping and cutting numerous objects.

Here, w e will specifically discuss all about Carbide Cutting Tools. Tungsten carbide, more often called as carbide, is a mixture of tungsten and carbon in equal proportions. It is a fine gray powder that is carved into different shapes to be used in the machinery, cutting tools, jewelry, etc. Sometimes, tungsten carbide is also called as cemented carbide or tungsten-carbide cobalt or simply hard metal. This is due to the fact that tungsten and carbide are mixed in the presence of metallic cobalt. The overall composition becomes very hard and can sustain high temperature conditions.

Carbide Cutting tools are very hard and have much utility in core industrial sector. They are abrasion resistant and can endure high temperatures. The best part about the Carbide Cutting Tools is that their cutting edge remains sharp for much longer time as compared to any other tool. Moreover, they provide excellent finish to the parts and machining is done at a very fast rate owing to their endurance towards high temperature. Some other features attributable to Carbide Cutting Tools are Parting, Dual Grooving, Convex or Concave radius, Spot face with chamfer & radius, etc.

Though Carbide Cutting Tool is very significant, yet being brittle it is vulnerable to breaking and chipping off. Thus, the tip of the Carbide Cutting Tool is usually made in the form of Special Carbide Inserts and its shank is made of steel to prevent carbide cutting tool from getting chipped off. Many mills use Carbon Inserts only as it saves money on carbide cutting tools due to its brittleness.

There Are Many Industrial Applications Where The Usage Of Carbide Cutting Tools Is Quite Regular:

  • Components of machinery
  • For making jewelry
  • For making Tools, etc.

Carbide Cutting Tools are available in different grades as per the requirement in the industry. One can buy Cnc Cutting Tools from those Special Carbide Inserts Manufacturers and Suppliers who are reliable and can provide the inserts in required shapes and sizes.

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