Performing Specific Milling Operation With T-Slot Cutters

Posted by Admin on February, 05, 2015

T-Slot cutters are widely used for industrial applications for cutting in the workplace. Its size relies upon the size of the T-Slot bolts that are used during the operation. T-slots dimension and bolts are standardised for certain specific diameters of bolts. For the purpose of milling T-slots, generally two milling cutters are needed, namely, T-slot milling cutters and also side or end milling cutter. The side or end milling cutters are employed to cut particular slot in work piece that is equal to the width of the throat of T-slot but has equal depth of the head space and can be even less. T slot cutters exporters make the availability of T-Slot milling cutters who are employed for cutting the head space to the exactly prescribed dimensions. The position of the milling cutter is adequately laid upon the workplace, and it is the work piece that determines the throat depth, allowing minimum to maximum dimensions.

  • Working of the T-Slot cutters?

T-Slot cutters work only after the selection of side milling or end milling cutter and there is the need to select cutter of suitable size to carry out the cutting process. A properly sized cutter can mill slot, which is equivalent to the width of the throat width as prescribed by the desired size of T-slot. The exporters and manufacturers of T-Slot cutters make them with perfect diameter and width so that head space is cut adequately as required. The company has emerged out as the major manufacturers of industrial cutters who can perform most proficiently.

  • What are the uses of T-slot cutters?

T-Slot cutters are employed on CNC and also used for special as well as conventional purpose machines that have several capacities. They are pivotal for the generation of T slot and also keyway, woodruff in metals. T slot cutters come handy in indexable insert, solid carbide, brazed carbide, and in HSS reamer.

  • Why to go for T slot cutters exporters?

The company has come up with variety of cutting tools based on the variety of industrial applications. Their products are known for quality and encompass tools such as face mill cutters, end mill, reamer mill, gear cutters, T slot cutters which are made available at incredibly reliable rates. Their cutters cut at a fairly faster pace when compared to the other manufacturers. The history of T-slot milling cutters made by them is intimately bound up with the milling machines that perform exactly the way they are desired.

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