Get Cutting Tools Blog Latest Products Wed, 29 May 2024 00:34:04 +0530 en-us Synthetic Diamond Dressing Tools Mon, 30 Jul 2012 16:25:54 +0530 The sparkle of a diamond always enchants women. Every woman desires to have a collection of beautiful diamond jewelry. However, the real diamonds are usually very expensive and not affordable by everyone. Therefore, many ladies have started looking out for another yet similar option. Synthetic Diamonds have replaced the liking of real diamonds to a much larger extent. They have the same shine and to come out with a difference between the two is really difficult. But this certainly depends on the manner synthetic diamonds have been carved out. The brilliance and the splendor of the synthetic diamond depend a lot on the Synthetic Diamond Dressing Tools.   Definitely, the skill of the artisans also matters but, more importantly, there are very sharp and precisely designed tools that are excellent in bringing out the same beauty in the synthetic diamonds as that of the real one.   Process And The Synthetic Diamond Dressing Tools:Synthetic diamonds are also known as cultivated diamonds and go through two processes, namely High-Pressure High-Temperature synthesis (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). The main tool to carve synthetic diamonds is the Grinding Wheel. It is important that the speed and the accuracy of the Diamond Grinding Wheel Dresser are maintained at a constant pace. There are some authentic Synthetic Diamond Dressing Tools Manufacturers and Suppliers who make sure that their tools are manufactured using the latest techniques and require minimal operational cost. Moreover, Diamond Grinding Wheel Dresser should be made in such a manner that it does not allow any rubbing over the surface rather a pure abrasive action to take place. In addition, Diamond Grinding Wheel Dresser should be capable of breaking the grains in such a manner that maximum grinding area can be exposed. With minimum grain pullout and minimum filling of the grain cavity in order to reduce friction, the Diamond Grinding Wheel Dresser prove to be perfect for use and give exquisite shape and design to the synthetic diamonds.   So, if you are a manufacturer or supplier of synthetic diamonds and are facing problem while searching out for the latest Synthetic Diamond Dressing Tools, then you can easily opt for the options available on the internet. Several Synthetic <a href=""><b>Diamond Dresser</b></a> Manufacturers and Suppliers are registered with many B2B portals and directories. They are very reliable in terms of providing excellent Synthetic Diamond Dressing Tools and that too at reasonable cost. Forming Tools Equipment for Jewelry Making Mon, 30 Jul 2012 16:31:54 +0530 Jewelry making is just like any other craft that needs several tools and equipment and of course, skill and expertise of the designer also matter a lot. Jewelry designing is being taught at many institutes throughout the world but the real knowledge comes after knowing the usage of all the tools. Every jewelry designer must be aware of the advanced tools that are capable of giving amazing shape and brilliant finish to the jewelry item.   Jewelry designing requires four types of tools, namely forming tools, cutting tools, soldering tools, finishing and specialty tools. Out of all these, you will get to know more about the forming tools.   Forming Tools Mainly Include:There are various Forming Tools (also known as Form Tools) that are required for the formation of the basic structure of the metal to prepare it for further cutting, shaping and designing. Some of the commonly used Form Tools are mentioned below: HammersThis is one of the most significant jewelry forming tools. Some of the varieties of hammers include Ball Peen, riveting, chasing, mallets, etc.Two Types Of Hammers Are Discussed Below: MalletsWith the help of mallets, force can be applied on the metal that is used to form a particular jewelry item. The mallets can beat the metal without letting it get stretched or damaged.Ball PeenHaving a round and half domed face, ball peen is used for shaping metal and also to remove dents on the metal. Ball Peen is used to drive chisels and stamps. Steel And Swage BlocksSteel Blocks are used to give flat and smooth surface to the metal for working. These can flatten the metallic sheet or wire when the jewelry is needed to be forged or textured. While Swage Blocks are dome shaped blocks used to mould metal sheets into tubes, channels, etc.  PliersPliers are used for holding, gripping and shaping wires that are used in jewelry making. Having different types of pliers helps the jeweler to design the jewelry in a much better manner and with more flexibility.   There are many renowned Form Tools Manufacturers and Suppliers who have advanced manufacturing facilities, and thus they are able to provide dimensionally accurate Forming Tools. So, if you are a jewelry designer and searching out for <a href=""><b>Form Tools</b></a>, you must search in the market for the most efficient Jewelry Making Tools Manufacturers and Suppliers who can guide you about the tools and charge reasonably for their offerings. Another option can be searching them on the internet through the B2B portals and directories. Slitting Machine Cutting Tools Mon, 30 Jul 2012 16:32:52 +0530 Progressive technology has revolutionized the way we see and do things. It has enabled us to bring forth new dimensions to the way we work. Machines and equipment are the part of technological advancements. Machines make our work easier and quicker. Industries and many other sectors have been able to get maximum profit out of various developments. In fact, working of diverse sectors is completely dependent on machines. Every effort is being done in the research and development sector to improvise and develop hi-tech machines. There are variety of tools and equipment that play a crucial role in designing and developing machines. Performance and efficiency of the machines highly depend on the precision of the tools with which machines are manufactured.   Slitting Machines are used for cutting fabric, paper, films (made up of polypropylene and polyester material) and laminates. The Slitting Machines are made with complete consideration to the safety standards and accuracy. In addition, in order to ensure that the Slitting Machines cut the material precisely, the Cutting Tools used for making Slitting Machines must be strong and perfectly designed. Slitting Cutting Tools are of paramount importance while shaping components of the machines. These are generally circular in shape and have sharpened edges.  These tools can cut material at different angles and therefore, making it possible to shape the material in various shapes and sizes.   There are many Slitting Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers who are engaged in offering different types of Slitting Cutters that vary not just in size, but also in shape as well as sharpness. Moreover, Slitting Machine Cutting Tools are available in various models as per the requirement of buyers. They can be availed in standardized as well as customized sizes.   So, if you are in need of <a href=""><b>Slitting Cutters</b></a>, then searching the market is not a wise idea. Rather, going through B2B portals and directories on the internet is the best option. This can save your time and efforts.  Latest Trend in End Mills and Cutting Tools Mon, 30 Jul 2012 16:33:50 +0530 If you are looking out for information on the latest trends in the range of End Mill Cutting Tool then you are reading the right write-up. Here, we will discuss about the End Mills and Cutting Tools that play significant role in a number of industries. Basically, a cutting tool is used to shape and design either components or the machines that are used in industrial milling applications. There are varieties of Cutting Tools such as Slitting Cutters, Side and Face Cutters, Mill Cutters, etc. that are required in several industries. All the Cutting Tools have different functions in diverse industrial sectors. Some are used in shaping and cutting machine parts while some are used for designing jewelry items.   End Mills have cutting teeth on the sides of the end of the tool. End Mills are, nowadays, made with the aluminum that has significantly enhanced their quality and performance. In addition to this, End Mills and Cutting Tools are made from sub-micro grain carbide. These Tools and End Mills either have the coating of zirconium or can also be found without any sort of coating. End Mills can be used for cutting periphery and slots. Material that can be machined with the help of the latest end mills are steel, wood, plastic, aluminum, etc. End Mills have sharp cutting edge with the help of which above mentioned materials can be cut out precisely while maintaining high accuracy of the dimensions.   These days, Cutting Tools are available in two shapes, that is, one is straight and another one is helical. The helical shaped End Mill Cutting Tools are capable of cutting in a better manner without generating more heat. This also decreases number of cycles that the machine takes in shaping and cutting.   One can get more guidance on the prevailing trends of the End Mills and<a href=""> <b>Cutting Tools</b></a> by referring different websites on the internet. There are many End Mill Manufacturers and Suppliers who have registered themselves with the B2B portals and directories. They can be contacted to Buy the advanced Cutting Tools at reasonable rates. Cutters Important Tools of The Industry Mon, 30 Jul 2012 16:35:34 +0530 With rapid advancement in technology, Industries are developing at a fast rate.  Every industry has the requirement of certain tools and equipment that are specific to them and are further used to make finished goods. Thus, the tools required must be made of excellent quality material with high strength and durability factor as the basic requirement.   Here, we will be discussing about Cutters, or rather, Industrial Cutters and their importance in the industry. There are several types of Cutters that are used in different industries. The most commonly used Industrial Cutters are Slitting Cutters, Milling Cutters, Side and Face Cutters, etc.   Cutters are used to carve out the design structure of several products. These can be used to manufacture components like dies, moulds, T-slots, etc. These components can be further used in   various industries such as automobile sector or for making machines such as CNC machines, milling machines, etc.   Milling Cutters:Milling Cutters are used to cut tools that form a major part of the milling machines. Milling Cutters shape the surface of the metal that can be fitted inside the machine. It is significant to maintain dimensional accuracy of the cut material in order to make machine function appropriately. The Milling Cutters are generally helical in shape that is essential to maintain high accuracy. The cutters have sharpened blade that can also be called as the tooth of the cutter with the help of which hard material can be cut easily and effectively. The cutters rotate in a particular direction and this is how they cut the material. Mill Cutters are available in different shapes and sizes so as to produce components with dissimilar dimensions.   Finished Cutters:There are Finished Cutters also that are used to provide finish to the material. These cutters have high rake angle that brings excellent finish to the final material.   Side And Face Cutters:<a href=""><b>Side and Face Cutters</b></a> have sharpened teeth not just on the sides but also on the surface. They are widely used in several industries. They are circular in shape. There are many <a href=""><b>Face Mill Cutters</b></a> Exporters who provide Side and Face Cutters in varied shapes and sizes. These dealers can be contacted to Buy <a href=""><b>Slitting Cutters</b></a> in standardized as well as customized sizes.   Apart from the above mentioned types, there are several other Industrial Cutters which are required in a number of industries. Buyers must decide on the particular type before placing orders.  Carbide Cutting Tools Mon, 30 Jul 2012 16:37:02 +0530 Since time immemorial, humans have always been in a need of shaping and sharpening tools – earlier for hunting and, nowadays, for making components of machines. For making parts and components of varied machines, Cutting Tools are required in different sizes and shapes. Cutting Tools are certainly an important requirement of several industries. There are many types of Cutting Tools such as Slitting Cutters, CNC Cutting Tools, Mill Cutters, Side and Face Cutters. Each has its own relevance in shaping and cutting numerous objects.   Here, w e will specifically discuss all about Carbide Cutting Tools. Tungsten carbide, more often called as carbide, is a mixture of tungsten and carbon in equal proportions. It is a fine gray powder that is carved into different shapes to be used in the machinery, cutting tools, jewelry, etc. Sometimes, tungsten carbide is also called as cemented carbide or tungsten-carbide cobalt or simply hard metal. This is due to the fact that tungsten and carbide are mixed in the presence of metallic cobalt. The overall composition becomes very hard and can sustain high temperature conditions.   Carbide Cutting tools are very hard and have much utility in core industrial sector. They are abrasion resistant and can endure high temperatures. The best part about the Carbide Cutting Tools is that their cutting edge remains sharp for much longer time as compared to any other tool. Moreover, they provide excellent finish to the parts and machining is done at a very fast rate owing to their endurance towards high temperature. Some other features attributable to Carbide Cutting Tools are Parting, Dual Grooving, Convex or Concave radius, Spot face with chamfer & radius, etc.   Though Carbide Cutting Tool is very significant, yet being brittle it is vulnerable to breaking and chipping off. Thus, the tip of the Carbide Cutting Tool is usually made in the form of Special Carbide Inserts and its shank is made of steel to prevent carbide cutting tool from getting chipped off. Many mills use Carbon Inserts only as it saves money on carbide cutting tools due to its brittleness.   There Are Many Industrial Applications Where The Usage Of Carbide Cutting Tools Is Quite Regular: Components of machinery For making jewelry For making Tools, etc.   Carbide Cutting Tools are available in different grades as per the requirement in the industry.  One can buy Cnc Cutting Tools from those Special Carbide Inserts Manufacturers and Suppliers who are reliable and can provide the inserts in required shapes and sizes. Determining The Value Of Your Cutting Tool Thu, 04 Oct 2012 10:57:54 +0530 Cutting Tools are used to remove chips from workpiece such as paper, wood, metal, etc. The removal is done through shear deformation. Plaining, shaping and turning of workpiece is achieved by using Single-point tools. Multi-point tools include grinding, drilling and milling tools.   Materials that are generally used for manufacturing Cutting Tools are: stellite, steel, ceramics, cubic boron nitride, cemented carbides, polycrystalline diamonds and cermets. Cutting Tools are highly crucial in getting one’s job done thus, it is essential to pay heed to the following aspects while selecting Cutting Tools. Hardness of Cutting Tools should be higher than the material to be cut. Cutting Tools must be able to withstand the heat produced during cutting process. Cutting Tools should be able enough to maintain sharp cutting edge during machining operation. Cutting Tools should be resistant to wearing and abrasion. Cutting Tools should also have resistance against shock. Cutting Tools should have the ability to bear cutting forces and loads. It is important to pay attention to cutting face angle and number of teeth. Besides, the operational speed of Cutting Tool should also be considered.   There are certain safety measures that need to be adopted while working with Cutting Tools. The measures are summarized as follows: Do not bring tool point near the workpiece when it is stationary. It is advisable to make use of heaviest depth of cut of a Cutting Tool. Do not stop Cutting Tool when one is feeding workpiece in machine. It may result into break down of cutting edge. Always allow the Cutting Tool to clear prior to stopping machine. If Cutting Tool has become dull, replace it promptly for efficient cutting of workpiece. Glazed, ragged and rough finish and change in hue and shape of chips signal about dullness of Cutting Tool. Always apply cutting fluid under pressure. Cutting fluid should be applied only at point of cutting.   Before buying <a href=""><b>Diamond Dresser</b></a>, <a href=""><b>Side And Face Cutters</b></a>, from <a  href=""><b>Cutting Tools Manufacturers</b></a> it is always advised to check out certain things such as horsepower, feed rate, operational speed, strength, durability, ISO mark, load bearing capacity and of course, the price. A thorough scrutiny is the right way to go in determining the value of Cutting Tools. Choosing A Paper Cutter Thu, 04 Oct 2012 11:03:21 +0530 Paper Cutter is used to trim or cut large pieces of paper very efficiently. Paper Cutter is highly useful in offices or a company where a large number of documents are used on regular basis. Also, paper cutters are used at schools for various projects. In market, there are various types of Paper Cutters available, namely, Guillotine cutter, rotary trimmer, hydraulic paper cutter, stack cutter, business card cutter and many more.   You can choose any of them as per your requirement and need. First decide your need and then you can buy Paper Cutter in accordance to your need. After deciding upon the type of Paper Cutter, it is required to know how to pick your Paper Cutter. There are certain pre-requisites, an understanding of which will be quite useful in choosing the most appropriate Paper Cutter. Paper Cutter should be analyzed on the basis of its cutting capacity. Find out how many papers you need to trim on regular basis and then buy Paper Cutter accordingly. Remember that a Paper Cutter with larger cutting capacity can trim a large number of papers at a time. Paper Cutter is equipped with a blade that trims the paper. Thus, it is required to check the quality of blade prior to choosing a Paper Cutter. The high quality blades remain sharp and efficient for long. Therefore, you will not have to face any kind of interruption while operating Paper Cutter. It is advisable to use a Paper Cutter with a tension spring. This spring does not let the blade to fall off. Go for Paper Cutters that are equipped with blade guard. This blade guard prevents your hand from any unfortunate injury during cutting. Paper Cutter should be resistant to corrosion and abrasion. Check if the Paper Cutter is easy to operate. Do not buy a Paper Cutter whose operation is intricate to understand, otherwise, the process of paper cutting will be slowed down. The following guidelines will help you to get a<a href=""><b> PCD Tool</b></a> in accordance to your needs. But always remember, in order to save your money do not compromise with quality. A high-quality Paper Cutter can give you desired results and efficiently perform for long. Diamond Powder And Dresser-Different Interesting Forms Of Diamond Thu, 04 Oct 2012 11:04:27 +0530 Diamond Dresser is a tool which is used for dressing of grinding wheel surface. A Diamond Dresser comprises of single or multiple diamonds mounted on it shrank. Mounting is done with the help of sintering process. Dressing of grinding wheel surface is necessary so as to maintain the grinding performance of the wheel and work finish.   There are various Diamond Dressers which are categorized on the basis of diamond used: Single Point Dresser: Single Point Dresser is used to dress the grind wheel surface. There are certain things which are considered while using Single Point Dresser such as angle of attachment of dresser, depth of cut, plane grinding, peripheral speed, type of grinding wheel and face finish. Forming Dresser: In order to keep the corners of diamonds away from grinding wheel, the wedge shape of Forming Dresser ranges from 55 to 70 degree. The roof width ranges from 1.5 to 3 mm. The dimensions account for strong blade. The point of blade has the radius of 0.2 mm which makes it sharper. The negative angle of blade makes it stronger. Multi Point Dresser: Multi Point Dresser makes use of a number of uniform diamonds. The size of these diamonds depends on the size of grinding wheel. Large grinding wheel requires large diamonds. There are few things that need to be considered while deciding upon metal used for holding diamond. Metal should be in accordance with mechanical strength and heat expansion co-efficient of Diamond Dresser. Impregnated Dresser: In Impregnated Dresser, diamond powder is bonded in a soft metal thus it is known as soft bond Impregnated Dresser. This dresser can easily adjust grinding wheels having sharp edges. In hard bond Impregnated Dresser, diamond powder is spread throughout hard alloy. This dresser is best suited for large-size grinding wheels.   Diamond is also used in powder form. Diamond Powder is used to impart shimmering effect to various objects. But these objects should have the level of surface tolerance which is confined to few microns only. Diamond Powder is widely used to provide great surface finish. The Diamond Powder exists in various grades, coatings and particle shapes. Diamond Powder is used in various grinding and polishing applications.   The particles of micron Diamond Powder are in the shape of fine blocks. This shape accounts for sharp cutting features. It is also responsible for uniform size and constant stock removal rate. Thus, Diamond Powder and <a href=""><b>Diamond Dresser</b></a> can be used in dressing and truing processes effectively. The thing that makes both of them highly valuable and effective is the diamond embedded in them. It’s the cutting property of diamond which makes it ideal to be used in Diamond Dressers. About Paper Cutting Tools Thu, 04 Oct 2012 11:11:09 +0530 Paper Cutting is done for many purposes and Paper Cutting Tools are employed for this purpose when a large volume of paper needs to be cut. Paper Cutting Tools like Trimmers, Slicers, Guillotine Cutters, and Manual/Electric Paper Cutter are used by industries, offices and even in households for cutting different types of paper.   Some Of The Pre-Requisites Of Paper Cutting Tools Are:- Fast- Paper Cutting Tools must work fast so as to give maximum output. Accurate- These tools must be accurate in their functioning. They should give desired results leading to the satisfaction of the user. Symmetry- The cutting done by these paper tools must be symmetrical i.e. it must be of the same size, shape, etc. Energy Efficiency- Theses tools must be efficient thus saving time and labor. There are many Paper Cutting Tools available in the market such as:- Knives- The most common Paper Cutting Tool, Knives have an exposed edge and are used for cutting any sort of paper products, foil, film, etc. They are used in Paper industry, offices, households, etc. Slitters - These are automatic rotary style Paper Cutters which are used to cut paper when it is fed into the machine. They are used in press, carbon manufacturing companies, paper industry, etc. Rotary Paper Cutters - These are professional paper cutters used in cutting photographs, paper, etc. Stack Paper Cutters - They are used to cut large stacks of paper thus making them ideal for Paper industry. Hydraulic Paper Cutters - These are fast as they can cut stacks of paper in few minutes. They are designed for commercial and industrial purposes. Foam Cutters - They are used to cut sheets of foam core to various sizes for photo mounting. Form Slitters - They are used for cutting margins of printed material thus making them ideal for press, publication houses, etc. Paper Perforators - They are used to perforate paper for creation of marketing material, coupons, etc. Business Card Cutters - They help to create business cards at home. Print a design in card stock and run it through business card cutter. Business Card Insert Cutters - They quickly cut slits in paper for insertion of business card.   There are many Paper Cutting Tools Manufacturers across India having strong online presence, who can be contacted to get great deals on such tools. One such destination is which provides durable, corrosion resistant, abrasion resistant and easy to use products. Having over 10 years of expertise in the field of cutting tools, the company behind also provides <a href=""><b>CNC Cutting Tools</b></a>, <a href=""><b>Special Carbide Inserts</a></b>,Wood Cutting Tools, <a href=""><b>Carbide Cutting Tools</b></a>,Customized Cutting Tools, Thread Forming Tools, Fastener Tools and more. Types Of Fasteners And Uses Thu, 04 Oct 2012 11:13:01 +0530 Fasteners are the devices that are used to join two objects together. Fasteners are commonly used for the production of Automobiles, aircrafts, appliances, industrial machinery, building construction, interior designing, etc. Whether we talk about the household appliances or high-tech gadgets, the common entity in them is the fasteners. Everything we use in our day to day life is held in place through these fasteners. From the Automobile industry to the mobile industry uses fasteners in large quantity. Some of the most commonly used Fasteners are as follows:   Bolts: Bolts are the fasteners that are usually used in conjunction with nuts. These are inserted into the hole of the nut and tightened by rotating the nuts. These can easily be dismantled without any damage, therefore are widely used for many purposes. Bolts are very robust and are used in numerous industries like Aerospace. Thousands of bolts are used to join the various components of an airplane.   Nuts: A nut is always used with a bolt. Nuts are usually made of metal and have a hexagonal structure with a hole in the center. The hole has internal threads that fit in the threads of the bolt. Sometimes two nuts are used to prevent loosening of the bolt.   Nails: Nails are the most commonly used Fasteners. These are widely used for construction purposes. All the woodwork is completed using these nails. The shaft of the nail is smooth and not threaded like screw. They can be inserted into the material by using force like hammer.   Screws: Screws have greater strength to hold and easy to remove than nails. Screws have threads that cut a helical trench into the softer material when the screw is inserted into the object. Screws are used to hold the objects together. A screw driver is used to insert the screw into the material.   Pin Fasteners: Pins are used to fasten structural components of machines or to bring them into line. One side of the pin is pointed and on the other side is the blunt head of the pin.   The quality of all fasteners depends on the material being used and the <a href=""><b> Form Tools</a></b> used in making them. To Buy Fastener Tools with good quality, the best option is to search online and contact Manufacturers like Getcuttigtools ( It is a 10 year old Fastener Tools Manufacturer that offers a range comprising Wire Guide Dies, Bottom Dies, Cold Heading Dies, Forming Punches, Cold Forming Dies, Trimming Dies, Hex Forming Punches, Button Head Punches and Torx Punches for manufacturing fasteners. Wood Cutting Tools - Some Of The Most Popular Types Used In The Process Thu, 04 Oct 2012 11:14:55 +0530 With developments in wood cutting that have taken place over time, the way of splitting, cutting and carving wood has undergone a tremendous change. Various hand and power tools have been developed to simplify the task of cutting wood. Wood Cutting Tools have become popular among the woodworkers because their fast, precise and versatile working mechanism. Here are some of the most popular Wood Cutting Tools.   Axe: Axes have been used for centuries to cut, split and shape the wood. It has a wooden handle which also acts as a lever that allows the user to increase the force. The head of the Axe is made of Iron or any other robust metal. The axes particularly designed to cut and shape wood include Felling Axe, Splitting Axe, Broad Axe, hatchet, etc. The axe can be single bit or double bit. Single bit axes are more suitable for cutting wood.   Saws: Wood Cutting Saw is a tool which has a handle made of hard wood and a blade usually made of iron. The edge of the blade is toothed. In some saws wire or chain is used instead of blade. Saws can be handheld or powered.   Router: Router is a power tool which is used to rout out a part of wood. Cutting attachments called bits are used with the routers. Wood Routers can be handheld or fixed on a router table. Routers are available in different sizes depending on the area of application. For residential purposes, small size routers are available. In industries, heavy duty routers are used.   Bits: Bits are the cutting tools which are used to create holes. Router Bits are attached with power tools like router or drill which rotates them and gives force to create the hole.   Hydraulic Log Splitters: When mauls, hammers and wedges cannot accomplish the task in fixed time, log splitters are used.  Even the toughest wood yields easily to Log Splitters. Using Hydraulic Log Splitters ensures increase in production and less workload.   To avail the best High Quality <a href=""><b>Wood Cutting Tools</a></b> you can contact Getcuttingtools – recognized as one of the topmost Wood Cutting Tools Manufacturers. They supply top quality Wood Cutting Tools designed and manufactured under the supervision of a team of experts. You can browse their website for detailed information. Choosing The Cutting Tools That Are Right For You Thu, 04 Oct 2012 11:17:40 +0530 The main purpose of a Cutting Tool is to cut/shape a work piece (into the required form) by the process of shear deformation. Cutting can be accomplished by various tools, both single-point and multipoint. To an untrained eye, it is very difficult to find the right kind of tools needed for different purposes from domestic to industrial. One must be very careful while selecting Cutting Tools as using the right kind of tool can provide an easy solution to the problem, while the wrong kind can only make the task more complicated and hazardous.   Factors To Consider While Selecting The Right Kind Of Cutting Tools: One must only select the most suitable tool for a particular function like- most of the cutting operations require twin handled tools like pliers, snips and cutters. The Cutting Tool must be spring-loaded to return the handles to the original open position. One must ensure that the open grip span of a cutting tool is not more than 3 ½ inches in case of power applications. Similarly, the closed grip span should not be less than 2 inches. For precision cutting tasks, the open grip span should not be more than 3 inches and the closed grip span must not be less than 1 inch. One must select a tool that has a coated soft material without any sharp edge or finger groove. Addition of the sleeve enhances the diameter of the grip. One must also keep in mind that tools with bent handles are better than straight handles for horizontal force application and in cases where vertical force is needed straight handles are better than bent handles.   Cutting Tools are potentially dangerous because of their very inherent function that requires sharp and pointed edges. So, proper precautions and measures should be followed to ensure safe handling. Cutting Tools are found in various forms like Industrial Cutting Tools, <a href=""><b>Paper Cutting Tools</a></b>, <a href=""><b>Wood Cutting Tools</a></b>, etc. and they come in various types like- Indexable Cutting Tools (milling cutters and saw blades, etc.).   Getcuttingtools is one of the primary manufacturers and suppliers of CNC Cutting Tools & has made a name for itself in the Cutting Tools sector. Getcuttingtools is also highly esteemed as a reliable <a href=""><b>CNC Tool Holder</b></a> Manufacturer. The company is renowned for producing premium quality products known for providing a safe and secure working environment.  Check out for more information. Diamond Cutting Tools And Their Uses Thu, 04 Oct 2012 11:21:03 +0530 "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" -You must have heard that a zillion times till now, but do you know that Diamond is also the best friend of that glass cutter next to your house? Diamond is the hardest material known to man and its chemically inert and high abrasion resistant nature makes it perfect for cutting applications. Diamond Cutting Tools find numerous applications across various industries. Diamond Dresser plays is a good example of the application of Diamond as a Cutting Tool. It mainly consists of single-point or multi-point tool attached to a steel shank that is used for shining and dressing of grinding wheels. You can find them in several types like blade type, crown type and disc type. Multi-point Diamond Dresser has higher accuracy than Single Point Diamond Dresser.   Diamond Cutting Tools have high resistance to abrasive wear, great thermal stability and their chemically inert nature makes them an ideal tool for cutting applications where high temperature-working conditions exist. Corrosion resistant property of the diamond makes it a perfect cutting tool to be used with coolants without any harmful effects.   Some Of The Uses Of Diamond Cutting Tools Are: PCD Cutting Tools- They are mostly used for the machining of non-metallic and non-ferrous materials. They are used widely in automotive and aerospace industries. High volume operations, extreme tolerances, and greatly abrasive processes are ideal for these tools. Diamond Saw Blades- They are used in handheld grinders, high speed gas powered cut-off saws, bridge saws, tile saws, etc. Diamond Tipped Grinding Cups- They are used on hand grinders for grinding concrete or stone. Diamond Wire Cuttings- They are wires equipped with diamond crystals for cutting purposes. Diamond Saw Chains- They are used for cutting stones, bricks and concrete.   Another interesting fact about Diamond Cutting is that the diamond blades don’t actually cut but grind as the exposed diamond crystals do the grinding work. Diamond Grinding Wheel Dresser is a very crucial tool used for dressing the surface of a grinding wheel.   Getcuttingtools is a major manufacturer and supplier of world-class <a href=""><b>Diamond Dresser</b></a> that are used in a diverse range of applications. Getcuttingtools is renowned for offering products that require minimum in-service attention and provide superior quality cutting and finishing. You can check out more details at All You Need To Know About Cutting Tools Thu, 04 Oct 2012 11:22:38 +0530 In this age of rapid industrialization, machine tools like Cutting Tools are being increasingly used in various applications in different industries. Cutting Tools play a very significant part in the manufacturing process as they define shaping and designing of any product. Generally, the material used as a cutting agent, in the cutting tool, is harder than the material to be operated upon. The Cutting Tools have a single or multi-point structure. Single-point Tools are mostly used in shaping and smoothening, while Multi-point Tools are used in grinding and drilling. Multi-point Tools are used commonly by manufacturers for cutting materials.   While Selecting Cutting Tools, You Must Have A Prior Knowledge Of The Following Points: Shape of the starting part and the desired finished part shape Hardness of the work piece Tensile strength of the material Abrasiveness of the material Type of chip generated Work holding setup Power and speed capacity of the machine tool Different Cutting applications require different Cutting Tool materials. The ideal cutting tool material will – be tougher than the material it is cutting, have great temperature stability, be resistant to thermal, be resistant to impact and wear shock,  and have chemically inert nature (so that it does not react with the work material and the cutting fluid). Nowadays you will come across many newer cutting tool materials that have successfully overcome the deficiencies of the older cutting agents. The need for heat resistant Cutting Tools has increased rapidly resulting in a progression from high-speed steels to Carbide Cutting Tools that cut 3-5 times faster than high-speed steels.             Super-hard cutting tool material is divided into two categories: cubic boron nitride CBN and polycrystalline diamond PCD. They are costlier in comparison to Carbide Cutting Tools and therefore restricted to a few well chosen cost effective applications.             Getcuttingtools, established in the year 2000 is one of the most renowned <a href=""><b>Cutting Tools Manufacturers</b></a> In India. It offers excellent quality Cutting Tools made from authentic materials that provides high durability and excellent performance. Getcuttingtools is a name you can rely upon while selecting the Cutting Tool of your choice. You can check out their website for more information Safety Tips While Using Cutting Tools Wed, 18 Sep 2013 12:52:48 +0530 Cutting Tools are sharp and powered tools that are extensively used. Safety precautions should be taken while using them. If not handled properly, these sharp tools may cause cuts and prick your wounds. It is very necessary that Cutting Tools should be inspected, maintained and sharpened with great precaution. While using some Cutting Tools, workers need to wear   personal protective equipment (PPE) like well-fitting gloves and safety glasses. Read further tio know more about Safety Tips While Using Cutting Tools.   Safety Tips While Using Cutting Tools Following the below written safety tips will ensure safe use of Cutting Tools: Cutting Tool should always be used away from the body and face. While using Cutting Tool with one hand, it should be known at all times where the other hand is. When a Cutting Tool has dropped, it should be allowed to fall keeping the legs and feet completely away from its way. Blade should be inspected regularly for any crack, overheating or damage. Manufacturer’s instructions should be followed regarding the blade specific usage. Manufacturer’s recommendations regarding saw type, coolant, blade shaft speed, etc. should be followed. It should be ensured that the blade size is perfect for the type of saw that is to be used.   Are you in search of the best quality <b><a href="">Customized Cutting Tools</a></b> that can give you complete worth for your money? If yes, then trust none other than the best- Get Cutting Tools. The company is a well-reckoned Pune (Maharashtra) based Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of huge assortment of Cutting Tools. Its product catalogue comprises of Carbide Brazed Cutting Tools, End Mill Cutters, Face Mill Cutters, Gear Cutters, Reamer Tools, Side and Face Cutters, Slitting Cutters, Indexable Insert Combination Cutter, etc. The company also offers other products like Carbide Inserts, <b><a href="">Industrial Drill Bits</a></b>, Micro Boring Bars, Micro Boring Cartridges, Roller Burnishing Tools, Diamond Dresser and U Drills. To know more, just log onto company’s website All About Carbide Cutting Tools Fri, 08 Nov 2013 10:03:07 +0530 With the introduction of Carbide Cutting Tools, high speed steel cutters got replaced in the cutting industry. This is owing to the faster cutting rate of Carbide Cutting Tools than that of high speed steel cutters. Carbide is a carbon compound that is coated over tools through a reaction with iron (Fe). The result comes out to be an extremely hard surface over the tools.  The added advantage of Carbide Cutting Tools is that they can be availed in numerous specifications. Specification here is not only the physical dimensions of the Carbide Cutting Tools but also the carbide coating. For example:   Tungsten Carbide Tools offer more wear resistance but comparatively lower strength. Whereas Cobalt Binder Carbide Cutting Tools have more strength but wear out comparatively faster.   In the same way other <b><a href="">Carbide Cutting Tools</a></b> like Niobium Carbide, Tantalum carbide and Titanium Carbide have respective characteristics. Many Carbide Cutting Tools offer high shock resistance which makes them perfectly suitable for interrupted cutting.   Benefits Of Carbide Cutting Tools. The remarkable rigidity of Carbide Cutting Tools enables them to be used for cutting extremely hard metals. High torque index makes Carbide Cutting Tools work faster than other types of cutting tools. The level of resistance of Carbide Cutting Tools against abrasion is an unmatched one. The modulus of elasticity of Carbide Cutting Tools is quite high that is why they are widely used to mold materials which are softer than them. Carbide Cutting Tools have high resistance against thermal deformations making them perfect for shaping or cutting metals having comparatively low boiling points. Carbide Cutting Tools are known for their chemical inertness and hence are used to cut and shape highly reactive metals or in such environments.   Based in Maharashtra, India, Get Cutting Tools is a trusted Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Carbide Brazed Cutting Tools. The company also offers Industrial Cutting Tools and CNC Tool Holder. Get Cutting Tools is also a leading Wood Cutting Tools Manufacturer in India. For more details about the company and its offerings, you can visit CNC Cutting Tool: Introduction Thu, 28 Nov 2013 12:03:06 +0530 In order to seamlessly manufacture a product in batches of more than thousands of units, a company relies on automated machine tools. For example, for manufacturing an automotive part with precision, all its units should look alike, even a millimeter of difference can hamper the functioning of the automobile. This is exactly where precision Cutting Tools such as Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Cutting Tools are employed. Get gutting Tools is the leading <b><a href="">cnc cutting tools manufacturer in india</a></b>.   CNC Cutting Tool: Overview A CNC Cutting Tool reduces operational time and cost by handling several tasks that may require a number of personnel. The use of advanced technology adds “efficiency” and “effectiveness” to production process and thus increases the profitability.   Table Size:  The usual size of a cutting table is 4x8’, which is large enough to handle sheets of materials such as wood, metal, plastic or glass. With smaller sized tables the machine operator has to change his position adjacent to the size of the sheet. Hence, when it comes to choosing a table, you should pay attention to the size of the Cutting tool.   Types of CNC Cutting Tools Amongst the CNC tools available today in the market, the common ones are: Laser Machine Tool Plasma Machine Tool   Laser and plasma cutters are ideal for cutting metals like steel, copper and other alloys. Laser cutters are preferred when the sheets are not much thick. 3D shapes can be cut with extreme precision, whereas, Plasma cutting tool is great for cutting thicker sheets.   These up-to-date CNC Cutting Tools require very short setup time. You can easily operate them on the day you receive an order. Unlike other cutting tools, it does not call for days or week to setup a CNC Cutting Tool. Another important feature of a CNC Cutting tool over other cutting machine is that, you do not require extremely high skilled workers to do the cutting job. These machines are easy to operate, therefore, with simple training; even unskilled workers can operate them.   When it comes to the world of Automated Machines Tools, Get Cutting Tools leads from the front. With years of experience in manufacturing CNC Cutting Tools, the company has carved a niche amongst the leading Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Cutting Tools, Carbide Inserts, Drill Bits, Micro Boring Bars, Micro Boring Cartridges, Roller Burnishing Tools, Diamond Dressers and U Drills. To know more, go through Why Are Reamers Required? A Look Tue, 21 Jan 2014 10:55:50 +0530 Reamers are used in many industrial applications for the purpose of machining holes in materials like steel, ferrous or non-ferrous metal and even plastics. Almost similar in functioning to drills, these reamers are preferred owing to the superior finishing.   Reamer: Different Types A reamer comes in different sizes and shapes. With an option of several sizes and different reamers to choose from, it is an easy job to create those perfect sized holes. There are many different kinds of reamers available in the market to suit your requirements. Some of the most common types of Reamers are as follow: Adjustable Hand Reamer Straight Reamer Hand Reamer Machine Reamer Shell Reamer Tapered Reamer Combination Reamer   Besides these, the reamers can also be classified on the basis of their flute styles. Based on the flute styles, there are four different types available – Straight, Expansion reamer, Left Hand and Right Hand Spiral. Each of these is suited for a particular set of machining applications; it is essential to ensure that a proper match between the flute style and application is done to ensure excellent results.   As mentioned earlier, Reamers can be employed on a variety of materials varying from cast iron to aluminum. If you wish to work with plastic or metals, reamers come as a perfect tool for precision drilling. However, when it comes to working with materials like concrete or stone, reamers may not come as a good choice.   With years of experience in delivering prompt and reliable services, Get Cutting Tools has carved a niche among the leading Reamers Manufacturers In Maharashtra. The wide range of products offered by them includes Cutting Tools, <b><a href="">Carbide Cutting Tools</a></b>, Drill Bits, Micro Boring Bars, Micro Boring Cartridges, Roller Burnishing Tools, Diamond Dressers and U Drills. Get Cutting Tools believes in delivering only high quality products at affordable prices. For more details, please feel free to visit us at:   An Overview of Drill Bits Mon, 15 Dec 2014 18:22:26 +0530 The use of drill bits is employed for making holes in various types of materials. These cutting tools are used for making circular cross-section holes in the material. Though, specialised bits can also be procured to create non-cylindrical-shaped holes. The drills hold the bits and rotate them and eventually give axial and torque force to make the hole. Material UsedThe various materials used for creating drill bits are soft low carbon steel, high carbon steel, high speed steel (HSS), cobalt steel alloys, tungsten carbide, and polycrystalline diamond (PCD).Coating UsedDrill Bits can be procured in various coatings such as black oxide, titanium nitride (TiN), titanium aluminum nitride (TiAlN), titanium carbon nitride (TiCN), diamond powder and zirconium nitride.The Characteristics of Drill Bits The spiral of the drill bit is used to control chip removal rate. The material that the bit will be operating in, determines the bit’s point angle. The amount of support that would be provided to the cutting edge is determined by the lip angle. It is the actual length of the bit that acts as a deciding factor for how deep the hole would be drilled in. Various Types of Drill Bits Universal Drill Bits: twist drill bits, step drill bits, unibit, and hole saw Metal drill bits: center and spotting drill bits, core drill bit, countersink bit, ejector drill bit, gun drill bit, indexable drill bit, left-hand bit, metal spade bit, straight fluted bit, and trepan Wood drill bits: lip and spur drill bits, wood spade bits, spoon bits, forstner bits, center bits, auger bits, gimlet bits, hinge sinker bits, and adjustable wood bits Various other material drill bits: diamond core bits, masonry drill bits, star drill bit, glass drill bits, PCB through-hole drill bits, installer bits, fishing bit, and flexible shaft bit Any reliable manufacturer of drill bits uses highest quality raw material that is being tested in the metallurgical laboratory to ensure the material has the desired chemical composition and physical properties. Finding the right diamond dresser suppliers in India Mon, 15 Dec 2014 18:24:19 +0530 The grinding wheel is a tool that is used heavily in the industrial sector. For various reasons, it reduces costs, helps with efficiency and reduces the need for excessive labor. But just purchasing a grinding wheel and using it year after year without upkeep is going to be detrimental in the long run. There are a number of steps that have to be taken to ensure that the grinding wheel is at its optimum and is working at its best. The tool that is used extensively in this regard is the diamond dresser. Owing to the large applications of the grinding wheel, companies nowadays are taking a lot of effort to try and track down the best possible diamond dresser suppliers in the market.Now, there are many reason why people look for the best diamond dresser suppliers; here are a few of them: They want to maintain efficiency; They want to avoid spending on a new grinding stone; They want to avoid a halt in the product because of a problem with the grinding stone; Regular upkeep would imply that there is better functioning of the machine; Well, it may surprise many people that there is a great deal of advancement in the line of grinding stones, there are quite a few steps that people nowadays take to ensure that their grinding stones are in the best possible state.Diamond dresser suppliers in India, ensuring expert skills and knowledge!Cutting is by far one of the most important sections of any industrial activity. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that a certain part of the budget is allocated for the purchase of diamond dressers, and also for the hiring of personnel who are equipped with a reasonable amount of knowledge and expertise when it comes to using these specialised gadgets.A lot of people may be of the opinion that by just buying the diamond dresser and using it randomly will be of assistance. But that is absolutely wrong. The use of such devices requires trained personnel who are going to be able to execute it in the way they are supposed to, in order to ensure maximum efficiency. Getting the best diamond dresser suppliers in India ensures that the task by itself is half done. Putting it to use will take care of the rest of the complexities that are involved in this tricky trade. Roller Burnishing Tools Can Take Surface Finishing to New Heights Mon, 15 Dec 2014 18:26:25 +0530 Burnishing is a process where a machined surface is finished to a polished mirror like surface, using these roller burnishing tools. The rapid development in technology has helped the tools manufacturers to come up with such efficient tools, which ultimately save on time and money, besides rendering an excellent and near perfect finish on metal components. The job of a Roller Burnishing Tools Supplier is to identify the end use requirements of their customers and supply them the burnishing tool that is best suited for it Design and ConstructionTo explain the construction of the burnishing tools in simple terms, these are cylindrical in shape and have the burnishing material, typically carbide rollers, embedded in a hard metal cage at even intervals. When the job is made to rotate against the burnishing tool at an elliptical angle, the surface gets evenly polished. The unit for measuring the surface roughness is Ra and good quality burnishing tools are capable of achieving Ra0.05 to Ra0.35. The process is a cold process and its like an ironing of a surface where the undulations are pressed and brought to a level with the whole surface to obtain the finish as smooth and shiny as possible. Benefits and Applications of Burnishing Technology Roller burnishing as above can yield a mirror like finishes on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Where it is a component manufacturing unit, making a large number of pieces every shift, roller burnishing technology helps ensure a consistent surface finish and the tolerance limits are also maintained uniformly. In conventional processes like honing and lapping, multi operations had to be done; this increases the process duration and machine downtime for tool changing, etc., but in the roller burnishing process, it is a single pass operation; savings can be huge. The cold process also brings with it the added advantage of the surface hardness of the job being protected giving it longer life. Another benefit of using the roller burnishing tools is that they can be used with any type of machine by the end user, from the conventional lathes to even a special purpose machinery. The applications where roller burnishing tools are used, include making through holes, polishing of shafts, tapered surfaces and so on.   It is therefore left to the ability of the <b><a href="">Roller Burnishing Tools Supplier</a></b> to make this dynamic tool in  such a way that their customers gain a lot from using them and keep coming back for more. Performing specific milling operation with T-Slot cutters Thu, 05 Feb 2015 12:54:29 +0530 T-Slot cutters are widely used for industrial applications for cutting in the workplace. Its size relies upon the size of the T-Slot bolts that are used during the operation. T-slots dimension and bolts are standardised for certain specific diameters of bolts. For the purpose of milling T-slots, generally two milling cutters are needed, namely, T-slot milling cutters and also side or end milling cutter. The side or end milling cutters are employed to cut particular slot in work piece that is equal to the width of the throat of T-slot but has equal depth of the head space and can be even less. <b><a href="">T slot cutters exporters</a></b> make the availability of T-Slot milling cutters who are employed for cutting the head space to the exactly prescribed dimensions. The position of the milling cutter is adequately laid upon the workplace, and it is the work piece that determines the throat depth, allowing minimum to maximum dimensions. Working of the T-Slot cutters? T-Slot cutters work only after the selection of side milling or end milling cutter and there is the need to select cutter of suitable size to carry out the cutting process. A properly sized cutter can mill slot, which is equivalent to the width of the throat width as prescribed by the desired size of T-slot. The exporters and manufacturers of T-Slot cutters make them with perfect diameter and width so that head space is cut adequately as required. The company has emerged out as the major manufacturers of industrial cutters who can perform most proficiently. What are the uses of T-slot cutters? T-Slot cutters are employed on CNC and also used for special as well as conventional purpose machines that have several capacities. They are pivotal for the generation of T slot and also keyway, woodruff in metals. T slot cutters come handy in indexable insert, solid carbide, brazed carbide, and in HSS reamer. Why to go for T slot cutters exporters? The company has come up with variety of cutting tools based on the variety of industrial applications. Their products are known for quality and encompass tools such as face mill cutters, end mill, reamer mill, gear cutters, T slot cutters which are made available at incredibly reliable rates. Their cutters cut at a fairly faster pace when compared to the other manufacturers. The history of T-slot milling cutters made by them is intimately bound up with the milling machines that perform exactly the way they are desired. Mill Cutters: Of Edges and Ends Mon, 23 Mar 2015 10:30:46 +0530 End Mill Cutters are important cutting tools that are extensively used for machining flat, curved, irregular metal surfaces. The processes facilitated by them can be categorized as boring, slotting, circular milling dividing, and drilling. The cutters have teeth on their periphery as well as the ends. They comprise of a motor driven spindle, coolant systems, adjustment settings for spindle speeds, and power-operated table feeds. The work piece is fed against a rotating cutter, which has numerous edges and it goes on to carve out the desired shapes.Straight and Helical End Mill Cutters Based on the shape, the cutters can be divided as Straight and Helical. While the edges of straight ones are parallel to each other with no alignment, the edges of a helical one have a spiral placing.Differently Shaped EndsThe ends of these cutters are given different shapes so as to give the milling surface a desired form. Some of these are: Square End: Used for general milling applications to carve out square slots, edges or pockets. Ball End: Used for producing a radius in the bottom of slots or pockets for added strength. Also used to create compound curves where sharp corners must be avoided. Roughing End Mills: Not designed to last longer, but remove heavier materials without causing vibration. Coarse Tooth: This is most commonly found profile. Its power consumption is a lot less than the regular cutters. It is recommended for heavy machinery where the metal density is much higher. Small in size, but these End Mill Cutters of great importance for various applications. You can consult any <b><a href="">End Mill Cutters Manufacturers in Pune, Maharashtra</a></b> before selecting a particular type. Also, make sure that these cutters are handled by experts to get the precise results for slotting. If done wrongly, you would not be able to repair the metal surface for redoing it. Different Varieties of Milling Cutters Mon, 23 Mar 2015 10:33:21 +0530 As the name suggests, Milling Cutters are cutting tools that are used in milling machines to perform different kinds of milling operations. There are multiple cutting edges along the circumference or the tip of the tools, which rotate and carve slots in the machines. These cutters are available in diverse shapes and sizes to create different types of slots. Furthermore, these tools can be classified as per their speed and depth of cutting also. In this blog we are discussing some varieties of Milling Cutters: 1. Plain Milling Cutters: These cutters are cylindrical in shape and have teeth on their circumference. Plain Milling Cutters are generally used for carving flat surfaces parallel to the axis of rotation. To ensure accuracy, the alignment of the workpiece surface, milling machine table and the cutter should be appropriate.2. Side Milling Cutters: `These are essentially used for removing metals from the side of the workpiece. These cutters have teeth on the outer surface and on its sides. 3. End Mill: End Mills are generally used in light milling operations for cutting slots and small holes. They have teeth on both their ends and on the outer surface. According to the shape of their shank, they are classified into different categories: T Slot Milling Cutters: T Slot Milling Cutters are a special form of Milling Cutters that are used for making ‘T’ shaped slots in the workpiece. These cutters have teeth on both sides of the outer surface. There are many T Slot Cutters Manufacturers in India who offer this tool in different models, such as, Solid Carbide and Brazed Carbide T Slot Cutters etc. Fly Cutter: Fly Cutters are the simplest and the most versatile forms of Cutting Tools that are utilized for making contoured surfaces. They work at a single cutting point. Now, having understood the different types, you should select the one that will fit your needs best. Make sure that you are approaching the right vendors of <b><a href="">Milling Cutters</a></b> to get only superior quality tools.