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Thread Forming Tools

Thread Forming Tools

The company is the leading Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Thread Forming Tools in Pune. The Thread Forming Tools are used to generate internal thread (taps) and external thread (die) in any material. The company offers the best Thread Forming Tools in a wide range of sizes ranging from size Ø1 mm up to 100 mm with different tolerance like H6, G6, AX, AZ. The Thread Forming Tools are manufactured in various materials that are quality assured.

Raw Materials Used
  • HSS- M2, M35, M42
  • Solid carbide

Range Available
  • Left hand tap
  • Right hand tap
  • Multi start thread tap
  • Screw Thread Insert tap
  • Fine pitch
  • Course pitch
  • Tandem tap : two different sizes with same pitch
  • Metric tap
  • Inch tap- BSP, BSF, UNF, UNC
  • NPSM tap
  • NPT tap
  • Acme thread form tap
  • Roll tap (flute less/ roll form tap)
  • Bent shank tap, coupler tap, nib tap particularly used by fastener (nut) manufacturing industries
  • Trapazoidal tap
  • Thread Chaser

Our dies are manufactured in various material like HSS- M2, M35, M42 and we are offering :
  • Segmental roll
  • Thread roll : Acme profile, metric profile, British profile
  • Flat roll
  • Die nut
  • Split die

Additional Information

Product Code Thread Forming Tools

  • Acme Tap Tin Coating

  • Acme Tap

  • Flat Threading Die

  • HSS Left Hand Tap

  • Knuckle Tap

  • Machine Tap

  • Split Die

  • Thread Chaser 1

  • Thread Chaser 2