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Piercing Punch Tools

We are a highly reputed Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Piercing Punch Tools in Pune. The Piercing Punch Tools are used on press machines of various capacities to manufacture sheet metal press parts of automobile components like fenders, mud guards, etc. The Piercing Punch Tools are also used for the gaskets and press tools. We offer the SHAVIN brand, which is a registered trademark of all the Piercing Punch Tools.

Offered In
  • HSS (High Speed Steel) standard/special piercing punch.
  • Die button
  • Die set
  • Ball cage in aluminum and brass
  • Pillar/bush

Die Sets
Our Die Sets are manufactured in various sizes and are assembled on assembly machines to maintain. The Die Sets retain the required accuracy for prolonged time. We provide two or four pillars with fool proofing arrangement to avoid damages of Dies & Punches. Pillars are also of our standard design to enable interchangeability anytime. All the materials used are tested for quality and duly heat treated as per the steel selected.

Piercing Punch
Punch being the weakest and most vulnerable part of any press tool, requires high quality. Our punches are made of high quality HSS material duly heat treated and ground to close tolerance. The standard size range includes from Ø1.2 mm up to Ø17.5 with 80 mm length. Other special sizes as per your requirement can also be manufactured like Ø8.7 × 100 long, Ø15.1 × 85 long, etc. subject to minimum ordering quantity of 5 pieces each size. Following are the advantages of using our High Speed Steel piercing punches over HcHcr punches :
  • High wear resistance resulting in increased tool life.
  • Reduced maintenance cost and time of the press tool.
  • Substantial reduction in tool down time and loss of production because of high performance & life.

Additional Information

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