Gear Cutters

Gear Cutters

The company is a highly trusted Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Gear Cutters in Pune. The Gear Cutters range is inclusive of DP Module Gear Cutters, Hobbing Gear Cutters and Shaper Gear Cutters and is quality assured. These Gear Cutters are used to generate gear tooth profile in any material. The company offers the Gear Cutters with different modules, pressure angles and class. the Gear Cutters are manufactured in various raw materials of the best quality

Raw Materials Sued
  • HSS- M2
  • M35
  • M42
  • Solid carbide

Also Available
  • Gear Hob.
  • Gear Shaper.

Additional Information

Product Code Gear Cutters

  • DP Module Gear Cutter

  • Hobbing Gear Cutter

  • Shaper Gear Cutter